I am JE1BQE !

In the Kanto region (JA1) of Japan, I have licensed for 3 amateur radio stations in the same call sign JE1BQE as the 1000W Fixed Station (Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa), the 200W Fixed Station (Taito-ku, Tokyo), and the 50W Mobile Station (Isumi-city, Chiba).

(1) 1000W Fixed Station (Tama-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa)

* Kawasaki-city is a narrow city. I am having the 1000W fixed station in Tama-ku (Tama-ward / JCC #110305), where located at the north end of Kawasaki-city. Tama-ku is a rich district by Tama River and Tama Hills. This place is sometimes called 'the B-class Gourmet Town'.

* My main transceiver is an ICOM IC-7800. This has a very good performance of receiver's dynamic range at 110dB, and the third intercept point is +40dBm !! I can enjoy to operate in Low Bands from this shack.

* My Linear Amplifier is an ICOM IC-PW1, in which the 4 units of MRF150MP Push-pull Circuit are connected in parallel. With this Linear Amplifier, I have licensed 1000W output for HF Bands, and 500W output for 50MHz Band.

* With a power of 1000W, I can communicate with the station that I hear. This is what I can't taste at my main shack in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and the operation from here is unbearable.

* My Antenna System is a Dipole Antenna for 80/40m Bands, a Spider Beam Antenna for 30-10m Bands, and a 5-elements Yagi-Uda Antenna for 6m Band.

* However, when the Amateur Radio Station from a very rare county appears on the Band, it is difficult for me to have a contact with him even with this 1000W Big Power Station. Many rich men have a Wonderful Station with many Big Antennas on top of the mountain, and operate this station with remote control from their homes.


(2) 200W Fixed Station (Taito-ku, Tokyo)

* I have been living in Taito-ku (Taito-ward) since I was a baby. I have licensed my 1st Amateur Radio Station JE1BQE in Taito-ku (JCC #100106), Tokyo on May 17, 1971.

* Taito-ku (Taito-ward) is the smallest ward among 23 wards of Tokyo Metropolitan. The place I live in is very close to the world famous electric town Akihabara. My current job (wireless design) has been greatly influenced by this hobby of Amateur Radio since I was a child, The first university I lectured was "Tokyo Denki University" (currently relocated to Kitasenju, Adachi-ku) in Akihabara Area.

* My main transceiver is a Kenwood TS-990S. I am enjoying to operate Amateur Radio from here mainly.

* My Antenna System is a Dipole Antenna for 30-10m Bands, a 4-elements HB9CV Antenna for 6m Band, and a GP Antenna for UHF Bands.

* As we have a lot of city noise here, it is difficult for me to operate Amateur Radio. But there are only several Amateur Radio Stations that are actually on the air, so I am called by many stations in Japan and abroad, when I am on the air from here.


(3) 50W Mobile Station (Isumi-city, Chiba)

* When I was a junior high school student and a high school student, I often came to Isumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture (where my grandfather's parents' house was located) and enjoyed Amateur Radio with my school friends. Isumi-gun is now Isumi-city (JCC #1238), I have licensed the 50W output Mobile Station JE1BQE near the Ohara Beach.

* If the transmission output power is less than 50W, we can operate as a Mobile Station (Not a Fixed Station). We can carry a Radio Equipment and an Antenna to every where, and enjoy Amateur Radio Operation. My 50W Trasceiver is an ICOM IC-7000M.

* My Antenna System is a GP Antenna for HF Bands, a 2-elements HB9CV Antenna for 6m Band, and a GP Antenna for UHF Bands.

* If I visit the nearby Taito-Cape in Isumi-city, and transmit my radio wave from there, I can communicate with many stations at only 50W output.

* I have operated from the two Special Event Amateur Radio Stations together with Amateur Radio Friends in Isumi-city. One was 8J1ISMC of the tenth anniversary of the Isumi-city from Isumi-gun in 2015, and another was 8J1IRW of the Thirtieth anniversary of the Isumi Railway (Moomin Train) between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.


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