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JE1BQE Hide / JS1HNM Junko / JF1LVQ Nao

JE1BQE (JA9QZH, JD1BOO, HL3ZCG) Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya

I have been into electronic crafts since a very young boy, because I was born in Akihabara as well kown as Electric town, and has been growing up there. My Amateur Radio Stationa JE1BQE and JA9QZH have lisensed in 1971 and in 1976.

My occupation is designing Wireless Equipment and Antennas. And I am a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University.

JS1HNM Junko Nebiya

My Amateur Radio Station JS1HNM has licensed in 1985, then I have been enjoying Amateur Radio together with my hasband JE1BQE. As I am not so active to operate Amateur Radio recently, many people ask JE1BQE how JS1HNM is.

When my hasband JE1BQE goes abroad on his business, we talk using this wounderful Amateur Radio. Thank you and see you on the air.

JF1LVQ Naoyuki Nebiya

My Amateur Radio Station JF1LVQ has lisensed in 1973, and I have been enjoying Rag Chew QSO with his local HAM friends on 50MHz band. As my voice is very similar to JE1BQE's voice, many people confuse which is JF1LVQ or JE1BQE on the air.

My recent HAM activity is not so high, but our family help together to build antennas on the roof top. Thank you and see you on the air.

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